Forty years after establishing S & B Interiors, we are working on new ways to grow our business. We constantly monitor the developments in the design Industry. Our mentality of service led to our successful design of both residential and commercial interiors. As an example, for those clients having dietary restrictions or persons in residence with special needs, we focus on getting to know our client, their lifestyle and pinpointing their specific need. After identifying a client’s short -term and long-term goals, we illustrate the larger potential of their space(s). If you think ahead when designing, expensive changes do not need to be made later on. You can start out as a 30 year old in your home and know that it is going to accommodate you now and when you are 80! (or accommodate an elderly relative).

Interior Design is not just about aesthetics of a home, office or facility.. it is about working to make those spaces the most useful and comfortable as possible. Form should follow function to create the desired results for each individual client.

Personalized Interior Design Services


Not every client has the same needs. The traditional interior design client, looks for a designer who can design their home or office, select all finish material options and bring them to their home or office, and then the designer oversees the fabrication and installation of everything. As the internet and amount of catalogs available to everyone has proliferated, there are clients who want a designer to provide layouts and color palettes, but then the client will take the time to shop on their own. They may call back the designer to review their selections and assist in the decision making process. As needed, they will ask the designer to do the follow up and assist in the installations to be sure they are completed in a professional manner. In yet other instances, a client may not want assistance in changing their home or office with the furniture they have. They want to update what they have, but do not want to toss everything they have out and start again. We can work with the client to refinish, reupholster, paint, and modify almost anything in their home.

For close to 40 years, Sandi Samole and S & B Interiors, Inc.   has provided award winning interior design services. We are now emphasizing the “Personalized” nature of our Interior Design Services.  Our new Business Card, designed by Leah Becker, a new graphic artist on the scene in Miami reflects the hands on attention Sandi gives to each client. A PERSONALIZED design approach and plan is developed to meet the needs of a particular project.




Remodeling kitchen, bathroom, adding on to your house or building a new home

If you are planning on renovating a  kitchen, bathroom,  your entire home OR are purchasing or building a new home, there are planning steps that need to be taken. It is important to determine what your project is to include. The rooms, areas or parts of rooms that are to be included if renovating or the size of what your new home should be.


  1. Establish a realistic budget. This budget should be a FIRM number that you are comfortable with.
  2. Once your budget is established, take a minimum of 10% off the budget to reserve for unexpected expenses. When planning and selecting your finishes and labor expenses, the total cost of everything should be no more than 90% of your  Budget. Whether you are renovating, decorating or building a new home, something always comes up that increases the costs. You should be prepared for that.
  3. Determine what your design project is: kitchen or bathroom remodel, adding space to your home, building a new house or updating furnishings.
  4. Collect pictures of styles and colors you like.
  5. Once you have all of the above information put together, determine if you want to handle the project on your own, or with professional help.

Explore what an Interior Designer can do for you.

A Florida Licensed interior designer draw plans that are necessary for any interior renovation. On their own, they can provide you with a floor plan and reflective ceiling plan (including electrical fixture layouts) for your renovation. Specific dimensions needed for each space would be determined. Whether or not you purchased goods and/or services to implement your plan from your designer, they can provide you with all the specifications for what is needed for your project.

How to Work with an Interior Designer

Once the scope of a job is determined, a designer can work with a client in several different ways. A flat fee for design services provide, a fee for purchasing and implementation or hourly fees can be established. If you decide to “do it yourself”, hiring a designer to consult with when you need to space plan, make final material selections , need technical advice or just want an expert on your selections can potentially save you money.





S & B Interiors, Inc. Is here for all your Design Needs!

Using an Interior Designer is more then just hiring someone to pick pretty fabrics or the correct color of paint. Hiring an Interior Designer is having a professional on your “team” while you are making decisions for your home or office. From Concept to Completion, we work with you to be sure that utilization of space is optimized, products selected are fit for the purpose intended and the best options are selected.

Preview your remodeling project with a rendering!

When viewing a rendering like this you can visualize your remodeling project before it starts. Great way to make design decisionsThis rendering was created from our design plans so our client could see what their 1980 bathroom could look like in 2017! Rather then guess what a final room will look like, once we have created the floor plan and selected finish materials we can “render” the room to show our clients what the space will look like when work is completed. This allows us to avoid costly changes in the middle of a project. 

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Design Tips!

Working with an Interior Designer can SAVE you money. When a designer draws up a  master plan that includes a color palette, furniture layout and sizes of pieces to use,  it can help you can avoid making “costly errors” . A trained professional has the vision to see an entire project before it is finish and can help guide you towards the right decisions. This is especially important when remodeling a home or building a new one.  A professional can let you know if the spaces created or being modified will be right for your life style and/or existing furnishings.