Forty years after establishing S & B Interiors, we are working on new ways to grow our business. We constantly monitor the developments in the design Industry. Our mentality of service led to our successful design of both residential and commercial interiors. As an example, for those clients having dietary restrictions or persons in residence with special needs, we focus on getting to know our client, their lifestyle and pinpointing their specific need. After identifying a client’s short -term and long-term goals, we illustrate the larger potential of their space(s). If you think ahead when designing, expensive changes do not need to be made later on. You can start out as a 30 year old in your home and know that it is going to accommodate you now and when you are 80! (or accommodate an elderly relative).

Interior Design is not just about aesthetics of a home, office or facility.. it is about working to make those spaces the most useful and comfortable as possible. Form should follow function to create the desired results for each individual client.


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