Accessibility is a necessity, not a matter of age..

At any age, one can find themselves unable to walk, sit or stand on their own. Kitchens and Bathrooms are the two rooms that are most difficult to navigate with limited mobility.

Consider the following when remodeling a bathroom or building a new home:

  • A door should be wide enough to get into with a wheel chair or crutches
  • Grab bars to hold onto while sitting or standing in the shower
  • Using a toilet that sits as high as a chair
  • A shower to get into without a curb to step over
  • A place to sit down to brush your teeth or hair and/or put on make up

Considering the following when remodeling a kitchen or building a new home:

  • Lower cooking surfaces to reach from a sitting position
  • Walk space to accommodate  a walker or wheelchair
  • Utensils, cookware and dishes easily accessible for daily use
  • Breakaway sink base to allow for potential wheelchair use
  • Multi-door refrigerator for easier accessibility
  • Accessibility of food